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Healthcare is a fast-paced, high-emotion place to work. Resources are often scarce or inadequate. Power differentials are everywhere as are competing egos. Roles are often vague and overlapping, leading to confusion. System problems are routine and pervasive, yet day to day performance expectations remain high. It's not easy to maintain balance. I provide a non-judgemental, empathetic space where physicians are heard and can explore challenging feedback. We find and develop the right solutions together to bring healthy communication and balance back into practice.

Hi there.

I'm Dr. Dawn Martin.

I have listened to thousands of physicians, healthcare teams, and medical trainees' stories over the years. I have come to the conclusion that hospitals can be like a high school on steroids.

Physicians are held to a high account. They are the MRP – ‘Most Responsible Person’ in the room. In my experience, it is not clinical competence that causes problems, but relationship competence. Most training programs, despite good intentions, do not adequately socialize or skill build in this area. I will help you navigate these problems safely and with compassion to find solutions.


Areas of Focus


Patient-centered communication between patients and families (therapeutic relationships, conveying information, nonverbal communication)

Communication specific content (sexual history, informed consent)

Challenging communication scenarios (angry or demanding patients)

Language (correct phrasing, tense, word choice)



Enhancing interactions with health care teams

Understanding professional roles and responsibilities

Self-awareness and self-regulation in the workplace

Strategies for promoting understanding, managing differences, and resolving conflict

Relational Awareness and management

Psychological safety


Supervising and leading others

Allegations of disruptive behavior

Physician health and well-being (burnout, transitions, career planning, lifestyle behavior change, stress management)

Boundary concerns

Organizational awareness and management

Managing anger in the workplace


Explore Feedback, Safely.

I am highly empathetic to those working in a medical context. I do not sit in judgement. We have all been one story away from being written off, including myself. Most of us have good intentions and can be unaware of the impact we are having on others. Unfortunately, the consequence of not getting along can have a detrimental impact on patient safety and morale.

Wherever you find yourself in challenging situations, I can help you explore these problems in a safe environment and establish healthy resolutions, patterns, and behaviours.


PhD, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE/University of Toronto

Master of Education with a Health Specialization, OISE/University of

Master of Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University, Registered Social Worker

Advisor, Dimensions, psychedelic assisted therapy retreats

Private Practice

Referral sources include: College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario/Nova Scotia/Manitoba, Canadian Medical Protective Association, hospital leadership, self


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